Dr. Adam McBride

Dr. Adam McBride is originally from Lexington, MA. He completed his undergraduate education at Syracuse University earning his Bachelor’s of Science in Health & Exercise Science/Kinesiology in 2008. Following his undergraduate education, Dr. McBride received his Doctorate in Chiropractic (D.C.) from Life University in 2015. In addition to his formal education, Dr. McBride has worked extensively in various areas of Personal Fitness Training, Physical Therapy, and has also had educational experiences in several hospital clinics including cardiology and orthopedics.

Dr. McBride utilizes various approaches in his treatments, many of which have a basis in Applied Kinesiology. These approaches focus on finding out what root cause(s) exist in patients that contribute to their various dysfunction(s) from a structural, biochemical, and emotional perspective. Dr. McBride also emphasizes patient education on how to make effective changes to improve their balance of health for optimal recovery. These may be including, but not limited to: exercises, dietary changes, dietary supplementation, emotional health stability, and many others. In addition, Dr. McBride is also constantly working to improve his own skill set by participating in numerous continuing education courses throughout the year.

In his personal time, Dr. McBride likes to keep active practicing Martial Arts, weight training, surfing at the beautiful Southern California beaches, hiking, reading, and has competed in bodybuilding.






“Dr. McBride has been great at relieving my upper extremity pain and giving me preventive techniques to reduce my visits. He is extremely thorough and provides the same level of detail at every visit. I'm still a work in progress but much better now than I have been in the last 5 years and have not found this level of care elsewhere."


mission valley, ca

“I cannot thank Dr. McBride enough. I was experiencing intense neck and upper back pain for weeks, to the point where I had to call off work, and lay low from the gym for some time. After seeing him, he was able to work out the kinks to where I’m fully functioning, and provide useful advice to avoid experiencing this type of pain again.”



“I had my 1st visit today. Dr McBride took the time to take a complete assessment of the situation. By the end of the session, I could already tell the difference and felt better when I left than I did when I came in. I’m looking forward to additional treatments which I know will get me back on track to being pain free. ” 



“Dr. McBride really knows what he’s doing. I feel like I’m at a psychic’s office when he guesses how my head’s been feeling the past week, or can figure out my diet just by tapping a knee or something. My last chiropractor could not do anything about my TMJ, but my TMJ has gotten better since Dr. McBride has been working on it.”